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CBG Germany: Live Conveyor Belt Condition Analysis and Processing 2017

Most conveyor belts are subjected to exceptionally great stress from countless bends, material loading impact, from failing conveyor parts, or from foreign objects that may penetrate it.  Read More


CBGuard Monitoring boosts conveyor belt safety and efficieny - Asia Miner Issue 2, 2017 

MINING conveyor belts are subjected to exceptionally great stress from material loading impact, from countless bends, from worn and failing conveyor parts, and from foreign objects that may slit or penetrate it.

Failure or severe damage of the belt often has dramatic consequences. It is essential to detect such failures immediately when they occur, in order to be able to take appropriate measures before things get worse. Monitoring systems based on radiographic technology, similar to those used in medical diagnostics, are well on the way to revolutionising the safety and operating efficiency of conveyor belts. This article describes the CBGuard system.   Read More



New Entrant to conveyor monitoring market in Australia - May 2017

Conveyor Belt Gateway (CBG), a German conveyor belting and technology company manufacturing in China, is taking its conveyor monitoring product – CBGuard – global, recently appointing an Australian distributor.  Read More


CBGuard Aggregates - February 2017

 Conveyor belts are becoming increasingly sophisticated, as is the tehnology used to monitor their performance and maintenance needs.  This creates huge potential efficiency savings for aggregate and cement product suppliers.  Guy Woodford reports.  Read More


CBGuard International Mining - February 2017

Mining International explores Conveyor Monitoring with XRays.  Read More