Conveyor System inspection

The primary purpose of the Conveyor System Inspection is to determine the current state of the conveyor system, which is an integral part of minimising downtime.

Determining the current state of the conveyor system is an integral part of increasing conveyor availability. CBM has the experience needed to perform accurate unbiased system inspections.

A comprehensive report is produced which includes a photographic archive, that provides a clear picture of the current damage and allows for the proper management of repairs to be carried out.

pict0024A belt map with indicated damage allows the user to quickly identify immediate and non immediate areas of repair.

CBM Reporting defines appropriate timeframes for maintenance based on damage. With a colour coded list the user can quickly determine the status of the system.

CBM Inspections target condition of the Structure and Pulley, Drive Equipment, Belt Tracking, Skirts and Scrapers, Belt Damage.

pict0020Clear, concise, easy to read and above all, rapid indicators regarding conveyor belt safety and durability.

Provision of the most comprehensive condition monitoring of conveyor belts and systems in the world today.

Minimal Ongoing Costs


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