Portable Continuous X-Ray



As technology progressing, CBM have worked hard to stay at the forefront of leading edge belt monitoring solutions.

CBM now offer the ability to view the internal condition of your conveyor belt in two formats using X-Ray.


CBM Portable Continuous X-Ray (cbmPCX)

CBM’s portable continuous X-Ray (cbmPCX) system is designed to capture an image of one full revolution of conveyor belt, viewing the steel cords or fabric carcass in high detail.

The system is able to view the internal structure of conveyor belt and provide the ability to detect faults whether it be steel cord breaks, damage, corrosion, fabric folds, holes or factory defects.

The X-Ray generator and imaging plate is installed in a return path, out of the way of operations, where a flat section of belt can pass between generator and imaging plate.

Operations may continue whilst the X-Ray imaging occurs, allowing downtime to be minimised whilst getting a full image overview of the steel cords or fabric carcass inside the conveyor belt.

The software associated with the X-Ray system has the ability to automatically detect splices and compare these with the previously imaged or library splice.

Viewing the saved image data manually provides the opportunity to look at faults closely which can assist in detection of steel cord corrosion and failed bonding between the conveyor rubber and steel cords.

Once the entire image is analysed a comprehensive report is compiled containing library splice images and current images when historical data is available. Defects detected are provided with a description and the associated image of that defect for a clear and unaltered analysis to be formed by the end user.

The portability of the system means cbmPCX can be set up on almost any belt, anywhere!