Static X-Ray



As technology progressing, CBM have worked hard to stay at the forefront of leading edge belt monitoring solutions.t2-event-edit_edited

CBM now offer the ability to view the internal condition of your conveyor belt in two formats using X-Ray.

CBM Static X-Ray (cbmSX)

The primary purpose of the Static X-ray system (cbmSX) is to detect any anomalies within a conveyor belt by producing a highly detailed and holistic view of the internals in any conveyor belt. With the ability to capture a single image of an area of damage with suspected underlying damage, the system can provide a complete view of the internal structure of the conveyor belt in a set position. There’s no need for guess work when quantifying cord damage.

Performing destructive analysis on a conveyor belt by cutting rubber covers back to expose an area of cord damage is not necessarily the best option, as this exposes the encapsulated steel cords to air and moisture leaving them susceptible to corrosion. If an area of cords is to be exposed for repair and the suspected area is exposed, larger than required, more of the steel cords are prone to corrosion.

Capturing a still X-Ray image using the SX will take the guess work out of quantifying the area for repair. The static X-Ray system has the ability to see suspect steel cords within the belt in a clear and precise image, providing the belt repairer with detail of what is to be expected.

This is not limited to steel cord damage. Static X-Ray also provides ability to look at other faults such as bonding issues of steel cords within splices and provide quality assurance after splices have been completed. Paired with a CBM steel cord scan to find the locations requiring X-Ray, seeing how severe internal damage is has become an easy task.

If quantifying a significant number of defects, or a complete overview of the entire belt length is required CBM are able to provide an internal view of the structure in your conveyor belt using our Portable Continuous X-Ray system cbmPCX.