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paulCBM's excellent customer service, integrity and professionalism has led to both national and international acclaim. Independent of belt manufacturers, CBM provides services to leading mining companies globally from their Headquarters in Sydney, Australia.

CBM’s outstanding professional conduct and exacting standards have resulted in an expanding pool of talented staff and satisfied clients worldwide.

Built on 30 years of experience, our success is based on a comprehensive understanding of the conditions faced by those who work in the mining industry.

We are proud that CBM is the longest standing conveyor belt monitoring provider in the world, serving the materials handling industry with talented and experienced professionals since 1980.

Call CBM and experience the extended safe working life of your conveyor belting.

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Introducing the portable continuous X-ray system - PCX. A fast and highly accurate way to check the internal health of your belting. Full width and full length X-ray imaging of a running conveyor belt offering clear internal… read more »